Thursday, 4 October 2012

Foraging in Cow Hollow Wood

Between Waterbeach railway station and the river there is a wood called Cow Hollow, planted 12 years ago by the Woodland Trust. I'd never been through it before, in all our years of living on the river. But on Sunday, I walked through and found a foraging treasure trove of sloes and redcurrants. I gathered some sloes and will be back next year for the redcurrants (they were all but finished).

Luckily I found just enough redcurrants for a bottle of redcurrant gin! Now both types of gin are on the go:

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  1. Sloes are best after frost. Some people don't bother waiting and it leaves the skin too hard for the gin to penetrate even if the skins are properly pricked!

  2. Top tip (to avoid having to pierce each fruit)... after picking, pack sloes in bags then freeze. Once frozen add to gin/vodka. Skins will split in the room-temp liquid. No need for 'pricking'.

  3. pick nettles and make nettle pesto

  4. Cheap boats are expensive in the end, superchick. They need loads doing and are better described as holes in the water you shovel money into until there's none left..... :-)