Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Novice weekend

Last weekend is one of the most amusing of the year. It's novice weekend; all the colleges entice their new students to the boathouses with dubious burgers and sausages cooked on barbeques, cheap beer and cakes. Then, after schmoozing them, they put them out in tubs, stable training boats, to start to teach them how to row. Some colleges even put out novice eights to add to the general chaos.

There was a bit of a stream on the river after recent rain, and that combined with novice rowers, senior rowers on outings, and some visiting small boats for a race led to a chaotic but good-natured couple of days. We sat out on the well deck with cups of tea and cake and enjoyed the many slow collisions, near-capsizes, and occasional bangs and scrapes.

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