Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Another busy weekend!

Not going to apologise for lack of blogging, we've simply been too busy!

I was in London at the weekend, for a presentation of my work at UCL on Friday, and then I went to stay over at my mum's cousin's Hampstead flat, with my mum. In the morning, on Saturday, we went for a trip up to Hampstead Heath. It was glorious. We went up to her allotment and then to the Ladies Pool (but it was too cold for swimming at 13.5C!)

We had brunch, with pastries, eggs and bacon from the Farmers market, and some of my homemade jam.

Later on, we met up with my two little sisters for a delicious dinner at my middle sister, Esther's place, before heading back into the centre of London to watch the musical Wicked! It was a brilliant day.

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  1. What a lovely weekend! I really enjoyed Wicked when I went to see it. Not sure I'd be brave enough to swim in an outdoor pool, ever!

    1. Not even Jesus Green lido? That's quite lovely in the summer!