Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Our Weekend - Friday Fun

Last weekend began with a bang on Friday evening. In the afternoon we chugged out to Clayhithe with Chris and Simone. It was damp and rainy, but I stayed inside with the perfect excuse - I was baking a cake for the evening's celebrations. 

In the evening, we headed over to The Sun in Waterbeach for a party, organised by John Pippin for our friend Mark. He left the Army recently, after many years of service but due to various mess-ups and mis-communications, he didn't get the proper send-off. So, instead, we held a "Welcome to Civvy Street" party. There were about twelve of us, including Mark and his wife, some of us boaters and others from the Hole-Making Shop where John had first met Mark (he comes in regularly to have holes made). 

We had all pre-ordered our meals and the food was delicious, and in quite incredible portion sizes! I had a tremendous giant yorkshire with beef,mashed potato and veg For dessert we had the cake I had made - a simple chocolate fudge cake, with my homemade blackberry and elderberry jam filling and covered in melted chocolate. On James's instruction I made a tank shape on the top out of marshmallows, a reference to Mark's Royal Engineer background. It was a really lovely evening, and I think he really enjoyed and appreciated it. We certainly did!

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  1. Wow that yorkshire looks yummy! Hope you had a great weekend.

    I notice you are selling up soon? For another boat? (sorry being nosey!!)


    1. It was delicious!

      Yes we are hoping to sell in the Spring to upgrade to a longer boat :)


  2. Amy, that cake was divine!!!!

    Your company was even sweeter.

    What a night we all had!

    Mr Rogers was a Very Happy Man by the end of the evening!

    Thanks so much for coming, all!

    John. XX :-)