Monday, 15 October 2012

Boats and trains and traction engines, oh my! - 2

On Sunday, we awoke in the lovely cosy back cabin of Ilford. The range had died down, but the sun was coming in through the hatch and we were soon up and ready for a trundle into town for breakfast at the Wetherspoons in Stone.

After filling up on fried breakfast, we went back to the boats for the second parade of the weekend. This time we hopped aboard Spey. It was another lovely day for boating

Once Spey was tied up, we headed down the locks with Mike on Victoria. He was single handing and we were glad to help as we so rarely get to work canal locks! We helped work Victoria and also Lamprey down the five locks within walking distance, before reluctantly turning back. 

Lovely old brewery building

Once back at the Fullers' yard, it was time to get the trains running again. This time James was shown by Roger how to drive the more powerful Motor Rail Simplex - he's written a bit more about learning to drive it which will be up tomorrow so look out for that if you are at all interested! I hopped in the back for a few loops of the little railway, and then left him to it while I chatted to other friends, including Jo and Keith from Hadar, who were also moored in the area for the party. Although I've been reading their blog for years, we'd never met so it was nice to see them. There was also a beautiful little steam launch to look at.

Sadly we had to leave at about 5 as it takes hours to get home. It had been a wonderful weekend, and we enjoyed cataching up with old friends as well as making new ones. Thanks are definitely due to the Fullers for their generous hospitality in letting us stay in Ilford and for organising such a great party!

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  1. A steam launch now?

    I'm still not jealous.

    No. Hardly at all.......