Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wombles of Midsummer Common are We!

Today we received our final instructions for the Cam Clean Up. Both James and I are going to be on the Grappling team, and James is to be the team leader, so the email began ‘Dear Grappler’, and went on to explain the proceeding for the day:

09:45-10:00: Volunteers to register with Team Leaders at start point, collect equipment and Health & 10:00 Safety Briefing. 
10:15 Start grappling!
12:00 End, return to start point, return equipment, collect BBQ voucher and proceed to Fort St. George for BBQ
12:00pm – 2:00pm BBQ at Fort St. George

But the best bit is that our Team Name is: Cousin Cairngorm McWomble the Terrible! Apparently all the teams are named after Wombles, the famous animated litter-pickers/recyclers of Wimbledon Common.

We will also be creating a gallery ofthe rubbish and the weird and wonderful things we will collect and stumble upon on the day, which will be fun. I’ll certainly blog about that when it’s ready.

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