Monday, 28 March 2011

The Great Cam Clean Up

Saturday's Cam Clean up went really well. Alas it was grey day, but dry.
We gathered our teams and the grappling hooks and set about fishing things out of the river, underneath Victoria Avenue Bridge. We had a bike fished out within the first minute of getting to the river, which pleased the photographers! Over the next half an hour we grappled another four bikes out, and then the Cam Conservators workboat, Berky came along to help. It was quite a sucessgul pairing - with the grappling hooks, our team located several bikes, but either got our hooks stuck or weren't able to keep hold of them. Berky was able to use its grabber to fish about and pull them out, along with various road signs and random bits of metal pipe.


The bikes were taken away by the Council, except for one which was nabbed by a chap who wanted to do it up (it was still pretty clean - I don't think it had been in the river long).

At 12, we headed to the Fort, where we had out free burgers and sausages, and met up with Paul, who gave us the honey when we were moored at Shardlow last year, which was a nice surprise, as well as John, Jackie and Rhoda, who were in town to help with the Cam Clean Up too.

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