Friday, 25 March 2011

Happy Friday!

We've got an exciting weekend ahead! I'm looking forwards to:

This evening, I'm going to the Arthur Rank Hospice Frock Swap, which should be fun.

Saturday morning, it's the Cam Clean Up - fishing things out of the river with grappling hooks, yay! Fingers crossed for good weather!

My MA Graduation on Saturday afternoon (to clarify, I haven't actually got an MA, its just that three years after you graduate from Cambridge or Oxford, you are bestowed with an honorary MA, for archaic reasons, as long as you avoid prison or divorce in those years!) Weird, but it will be fun to see people who've not seen for ages so why not?  I get to dress up, have a swanky dinner in college, should be good.

The Boat Race! I will be graduating rather than watching it, but I shall certainly be looking up the result as soon as I get out of the Senate House! Also, did you know that there is an Oxford/Cambridge Goat Race held at the same time?

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