Monday, 28 April 2008


Have been in touch with various surveyors in the midlands, because we will need a full survey and valuation. Not just for the mortgage people, although that would be reason enough in itself, but because it would be good to do it while its out the water. So thats another £5-600 or so.

Things we still need to pay for:

Blacking (DIY!) - £215
Survey - £420
Cam Conservancy licence - £562
Rest of deposit - £2600
Insurance - £? Need to get a quote from Collidge

Fuel (B-ham to Cam) - £??



  1. get an EA licence not a CC one or you wont be able to go anywhere! tis 10% more, but you will need it tesp as you're marina is on EA waters!

  2. Thanks! I will check with the owner, but I THINK Lucky Duck already has an EA license until November.