Sunday, 6 April 2008

Current Favourite Boats

We have a spreadsheet of all the boats we're interested in, with a percentage rating, according to how much we like them, but there are about 15 boats on it at the moment! I'll just list the top five here for now.

(Notice Granny Buttons tab on firefox! hehe)

Just Maggie II

  • Lying near Whilton.
  • 55ft trad
  • £21,950
  • Iron hull (1917 Bantock!)
  • Comes with inverter, wind generator and solar panels!
Antique iron hull will be a maintenance issue - will have to look into this, and she is a bit long, not a go-anywhere length... But I do like her a lot, and its a lot of length for the price.

Rebecca Isis

  • Lancashire (private sale)
  • 57ft cruiser
  • 1996 Robinsons
  • £27,000
I just love this boat! Far nicer than anything I thought we could afford.

Freespirit Rising

  • At Whilton
  • 57ft trad
  • £24,950
  • Dave Jones, 1989
Yup. Like this one. Not as much character as some, but looks well built etc. I also like the lack of fixed furniture (although I know its great for storage its just not my kind of thing.)

Venus Rising

  • Uxbridge (private sale)
  • 48ft trad
  • £29,500
  • Paterson, 1987
  • Pumpout loo, Rayburn and Suitcase genny!
Shorter than the others, and more pricey, but comes with some rather awesome features. I even like the fixed furniture!


There is another pic, of the exterior, in Canal Boat this month.

  • Venetian (Kings Lock)
  • 51ft semitrad
  • £26,500
  • 1979 Coles Moreton
Has been featured in Canal Boat, so may not stick around long. Apparently needs some TLC, but seems otherwise lovely. Although it may be that Le Creuset kettle thats doing it for me...

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