Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mooring sorted.

Cycled out to our mooring at Upware today - 25 miles there and back. We decided to take the river route, but it was quite hard going, once past Bottisham. The track was very uneven, and would be impassable in winter. But we got there, and it was a glorious day (I got very sunburnt unfortunately :( ) and seems like a nice place to be. The owner showed us where we'd be moored and we handed over a cheque for £1804.80 for the year. Actually not that bad! But more than we'd pay if we managed to get a Cambridge mooring. We're lucky to get one at all though so I'm not complaining.

We've also worked out that we can get in and out from Cambridge on the number 10 bus which goes from Swaffham/Reach - a 20 min cycle from the marina. So its looking completely feasible.

Here's Upware:

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