Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Summer Lady

I feel a mention should be made of another boat for sale that we recently saw. The name: Summer Lady. Length: unknown. Slat windows are the only visible bad feature I can see. We'd HAVE to replace those! But most importantly, she is lying in Cambridge, just down from Chesterton footbridge. (sadly it wouldnt come with the mooring!) But buying a boat IN Cambridge would have so many advantages - no long travel back from wherever we buy the boat (although I was looking forward to it!) and we could use a local surveyor that (big)James and Emma recommend.

Emma reckons we could probably make an offer of about £20,000! My James has peered in the window and taken the number so will be in contact soon and will update then.

I think this could be the boat (from
the size/colouring and name fits:

SUMMER LADY Built by Harborough Marine in 1975 - Length: 60 feet (18.29 metres) Beam: 6 feet (1.85 metres).Black hull Red/green superstructure a Diesel Inboard engine with a power of 27HP. Registered with EA Anglian Region number G17293 as a Motor boat. Last registration recorded on 02-Mar-06.

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