Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Narrowboating on Womens Hour

A friend messaged me to say that she'd heard an article on Womens' Hour about single women living on narrowboats, so I looked it up on listen again. Very insightful actually, although they introduced the topic as being about 'Houseboats' hmmm!

They talked to three women, on in London, one on the river Soar and one on the Grand Union near Uxbridge. although they did talk a lot about how idyllic and affordable it is I was glad that they also mentioned how stressful it can be when you've run out of diesel, or how smelly it is when you have to clean out the portapotti!(One of the reasons I'd prefer a pumpout!) - gave it a sense of realism


Its April now... Thats just May to go and then we will be making offers in June! Can hardly believe it. There's so much to get sorted before then, financially mainly. But it's good to have things like that to focus on - it makes it all more real. Right now, aside from the ongoing boat search, I need to get my head round if I can get a loan and how much. Quite nervous about talking to the financial adviser on Saturday...

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