Wednesday, 23 April 2008


OK, So, step 1 is complete. We have a deal on the boat. Great. Wonderful. now we have to pay for it. I had thought that the bank might be able to give me a loan, but having previously been extremely helpful, they now told me that it is out of the question.

So, a marine mortgage looked like the way forward. Only they want a 20% deposit that can't come from a loan. To my great surprise and gratitude, my dad has offered to 'give' me this money. But that's just the first hurdle. Now we have to find all the paperwork, and crucially, a mooring. I called Upware today, and they have a 50ft mooring, which they are going to keep for me until the weekend, when we can go and pay for it. Heh. Its going to be £1800. Gulp. Thats more than I earn in a month. Now I could get a loan for that, technically, but I don't want to risk getting a personal loan just before applying for a marine mortgage. They will fiind that very fishy. So, before the weekend, we have to get that money together, from family, overdrafts and any other means we can think of! But we do have the two crucial things lined up: the boat and the mooring. Its sort of coming together...

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