Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer Cruise Totals and Thoughts

Canal Plan: Total distance: 441 miles, and 300 locks. 
24 small aqueducts and 6 tunnels.
This will take 215 hours, 18 minutes which is 30 days, 5 hours and 18 minutes at 7 hours per day. For calculation purposes this is taken as 31 days. 

We did it in 26 days, allowing us to spend three whole days in London not doing any cruising at all. We did a few very long (14 hour) days along the Nene, and a few very short ones - Paddington-Limehouse or Salter's Lode-Downham. Not a thing held us up - the one problem we had (with the electrics just as we were about to go through the tidal lock at Denver) was fixed very quickly. Most of the canals we had already done, but we really enjoyed this - it was fun to relive the good and the not-so-good moments on our 2008 trip up the Grand Union with Jim. We met up with loads of people, old friends and new. Everyone seems to be bemoaning the bad weather we've had but we had some fabulous sunny days. I appreciate that the canals could really do with the rain, and I feel for those who have suffered as a result of the Oxford and Leicester line closures, but we were secretly glad not to get rained on too much! In all, a very successful summer cruise!

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