Thursday, 25 August 2011

Days 24-26: Home Straight

On Monday, we took the train back from Devon, to Downham Market, and got a taxi to the Little Ouse Moorings on Brandon Creek where we had left the boat to be blacked in their drydock. They did a superb job - the Duck's hull is now protected with two coats of International Intertuf, and looks fabulous. We bought some more diesel before heading off. Their diesel is the best local price at 85p a litre and in line with the EU regs (although very few places let you do this) they will sell at 0% duty on all of it if you can prove you have a residential mooring.

We made it to Ely that evening and had fish and chips from Alan's Fish Bar. On Tuesday morning I took the train in for my first day back at work. James went out to the cattery to fetch Lyra. He met up with a friend who works in Ely before cruising back towards Cambridge. He stopped at our old mooring and we spent the evening catching up with John Pippin. John had just spent the day (and several days previously) moving some 20 tonnes of wood he had recently acquired. Behold!

Not even all of it!
So that brings us to Wednesday, when James spent the day helping John move more wood. We had drinks in the Bridge after work and then cruised back into town. Our habitual mooring spot on Midsummer Common was still free, and so we were back  - after almost exactly a month away. It feels strangely familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously. We are glad to be back!

Now that I've finished the cruising and Devon journals I hope to get back to resuming normal blogging services, with quite a few exciting finds to put up on  My Favourite Finds, and plenty of Any Questions to answer!

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  1. Amy

    See my comment on Chertsey's latest post.

    Looks like you had a good trip