Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Glorious Devon 1: Starcross and Exmouth

We spent a wonderfully relaxing few days in Devon with my family whilst the Duck was being blacked. So much so that we didn't end up turning the computer on at all, even after James fixed it up with a new power supply! So I will try to catch up over the next few days! 

We spent a lot of our holiday by the sea. On Thursday everyone was at work so we headed to the train station and got the first one which went to the seaside, even though it was grey. The train took us to Starcross village, where we got off, hoping to be able to catch the ferry to the Exmouth on the other side of the estuary mouth. There are hourly ferries, and we missed one by a few minutes so had a while to spend in the village. We walked along the seafront, and found a little charity shop which doubled as a tearoom. So we passed the time in there, with books and cups of tea, whilst chatting to the volunteers. I picked up a lovely yellow linen dress from Gap for £2. We then went and found the ferry, and got off at Exmouth, where we spent an enjoyable afternoon doing touristy things like eating fresh doughnuts, paddling in the sea and playing on the swan pedalos!

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