Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 20: On the Levels

Our passage onto the Middle Levels was booked for 2pm today and we wanted to stop briefly in Peterborough, so we left Wansford at 9. We passed the rowing lake on the way into the city and saw that the summer regatta was in progress. So we turned into the cut that leads to the lake and had a look before winding and carrying on. On the river we saw a coxless IV, stroked by a friend of ours!

Once we'd been to the waterpoint and nipped to ASDA, we were on our way again, to Stanground and the Fens. What can I say? It was sunny at least, and we spotted NB Harnser at Floods Ferry but the fenland drains are still dull. Tonight we're at Fox's in March. We won't make the 10am tide tomorrow so it will be a slow pootle and a lunchtime stop at Upwell/Outwell for us tomorrow, and we'll catch the Tuesday morning tide.

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