Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 14: Metroland

Uxbridge - Apsley 15 miles 23 locks

We left London behind today. At Cassiobury park we passed under the last tube line and later on passed under the M25. It was a very changeable day, spent partly wearing a vest top and partly wearing waterproofs! I managed to get damp and sunburned!

Near Grove Park we passed Brighton and Nuneaton. Mike, who we did the BCN challenge with was on board and we had promised him a BCN cookie so I passed over one for each of the four crew!

We moored up on the Sainsbury's 24 he moorings at about 9 and went over to buy a paper and catch up on the news. We had heard about the riots in London but reading about it brought it home to us that it is happening in places we were so close to in East London. Thankfully my sister and her boyfriend are safe. My thoughts are with everyone affected, especially as it seems that violence is breaking out in other cities now.

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