Thursday, 18 August 2011

Days 22-23: What a Relief!

7 miles, 2 locks Salters Lode - Downham Market - Little Ouse
Our first trip down the Relief Channel -  a somewhat uninspiring but novel bit of waterway. It is a man-made channel following the course of the tidal Ouse, to take any overflow during high rainfall. There are several floating pontoon moorings, and the first one is at Downham. In order to get onto the channel, you have to go through a lock which asks you for your boat number and mobile, so that they can contact you in case they are raising the water levels, and so that they can log you in and out.

A few photos of the town itself - quite pretty, with lots of old buildings faced with traditional carrstone. 


The advantage of mooring in Downham was that we were close to the station, and could take Lyra to the cattery in the evening. The disadvantage was that we had no signal! Cat safely deposited, we retired with a DVD and enjoyed our last evening afloat before we took it to be blacked.

On Wednesday morning we cruised the final few miles to the Little Ouse Moorings, where we left the boat, next to the floating drydock. We got a taxi back to Downham and took the train to Devon to stay with my parents for the days the boat is out of the water and we can't stay on it.

We're having a lovely time here, relaxing and doing touristy things - will post more over the next few days!

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