Wednesday, 22 July 2009

On the Road Again

The Duck is mobile again! After a long hiatus in which we didn't have time to fix the prop shaft coupling, and had no incentive to do so as we have a permanent mooring, James spent today fixing it up. He replaced the bolts with longer ones, tightened the whole thing up again, and has cruised into Clayhithe on the Duck.

This was also Lyra's first experience of the engine going with her inside. (She had already caused trouble by getting stuck in the engine bay while he was fixing the coupling...silly puss). Before he turned on the engine, James shut her in the shower room, with some food, so that she might associate the experience of engine running with food. But she was still very scared! Now she is looking out of the windows at the Clayhithe mooring with a confused expression, apparently!

All this is in aid of having the boat in town for the last day two days of Bumps, so that we can go out and enjoy the revelries on Friday night safe in the knowledge that our boat (and cat) are just a short walk away!

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