Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Back home

We stayed at Jesus Lock from Saturday until yesterday night. Most of Sunday was spent sorting out the holes in the cabin side. James used an angle grinder to grind it all back to bare metal, and then we used epoxy metal putty to fill the holes, before painting them with anti-rust paint just in time to avoid the rain. It was pretty worrying to find the rust holes, but at least we've now addressed them, rather than letting them languish and get bigger! James also ground down and painted the foredeck, as an experiment into paint removal and rust-proofing.
In other news, we have ordered a Rutland 913 wind generator and three Elecsol leisure batteries, from our friendly local renewable energy specialists, Midsummer Energy. These will make huge difference to our electricity usage and charging capabilities, as well as reducing our carbon footprint and making our life afloat more sustainable. They aren't cheap, but they will be worth it.
Last night we had a lovely sunlit cruise back to our home mooring, follwed by the watching of some of James' birthday DVDs, which was great. On the subject of DVDs, I also received a package today containing a box set of the first series of Torchwood, which was gratefully received (mmm Captain Jack... *drool*), but I have no idea who it was from! I suspect it is a late arrival for James' birthday a couple of weeks ago from his family, but I am not sure. So, benevolent DVD sender, please step forward so we can thank you!

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