Friday, 24 July 2009

Bumps and celebrations

Thursday's bumps results:

M1 - down 1
M2 - down 3 (overbumped)
M3 - down 1

W2 - down 1

Friday ( and overall) results:

M1 - rowed over (down 3)
M2 - BUMP! (down 1)
M3 - down (1 down 6)

W1 - up 1 (up 2)
W2 - down 1 (down 4)

Not a spectacular year for Chesterton, except for the victorious W1 ladies.
James' crew (M1) were very pleased with their row over, however, having held off a following crew very well, and my crew (W2) had great fun all week, culminating in dressing up on the last day (a tradition in the lower womens divisions) in rollers and headscarfs!

After our last race we rowed home (via the beer tree, where beer is distributed to all crews who pull up to the bank and give a donation) and the whole club had fish and chips in Queens boathouse, as well as LOTS of alcohol. It was areally great night, which ended at City of Cambridge boathouse with a bonfire and more booze, as well as various antics although sadly no naked rowing (unlike last year...). We got home at about 4am and fell into bed. At this point we were so glad that the Duck was just minutes walk away from the celebrations!

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