Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Joy of Weekends

Today we got up very late after the antics of the night before, and a week's exhausting rowing/coxing. It is also the beginning of my first weekend for a long time(since I've been working on Sundays for about the last 9 months)

After a lovely breakfast at Tishka's we did a bit of shopping including buying Lyra a new collar and a tag saying

(my number)

We also bought a few bits and pieces for our planned repaint of the boat. When we got home we had a walk around of the Duck to see what we'd need to do. Some rusty bubbles under the paint turned out to be a lot worse than we thought, and there are holes right through the steel! However, the are only through the first layer of our double skinned roof (the Duck has a kind of lid on top, like a false roof, and its this that's rusted though) meaning that you can poke a finger/torch into the hole and see into the void between the two skins. The insulation appears to be inside the inner skin. We need to get these holes closed up asap though!

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