Thursday, 23 July 2009

Back in Cambridge

This morning, we cruised into Cambridge on the Duck in brilliant sunshine. It was great to actually be cruising for pleasure again, and it will also mean that we are well placed to stay out at the pub tonight and more importantly tomorrow night.

Lyra is still not impressed with the whole boating lark, although she settled down a bit towards the end. We when set off, and while using the lock, we shut her in the bathroom, which she really dislikes - great yowlings could be heard from within. But when she was allowed to wander about, she was less anxious and made no attempts to come out onto the stern or jump off, thankfully.

Oh yes, and last night's results were as follows. Not a great night , except for a well deserved bump for M2:

M1 - down 1

M2 - BUMP!

M3 - down 1

W1 - row over

W2 - down 1

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