Monday, 2 June 2008

The Naming of Things

Fade To Scarlet was the name that we chose for the hypothetical boat that James and I wanted to buy. Its individual, colourful, evocative and meaningful. I still really like it.

But Lucky Duck has its own character, and I've kind of got used to calling it that. Its not out of some superstitious belief that the name of a boat shouldn't be changed. Its just that (and I may still change my mind) it fits. I think we'll wait and see how we feel about it, once we live aboard (assuming all goes to plan).

After all, it would be quite a big deal getting the boat repainted and registering it under a new name. Not impossible, but something not to be taken lightly.

However, that brings me round to what we call the blog. I feel it would be premature to rename the blog right now, before we complete on the sale, although the name is available (well James is placeholding it for me). Keep an eye out though, when we do live aboard... We'll let you know, and probably redirect from FadeToScarlet for while after the change if it happens!

In other news, James has his penultimate exam today (last one Wednesday). Fingers crossed for him!

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