Saturday, 14 June 2008

Back Where We Belong

Ever since I can remember (which admittedly isn't very long ago since I first saw it last year), the motorway bridge over the river Cam just before Baits Bite Lock has had the slogan 'Back Where We Belong' emblazoned on it. The bridge is always painted in various colours by the colleges during bumps (how they do it I have no idea, but it presumably involves some impressive climbing skillz!) and the colours of the slogan indicated that it was the work of First and Third (Trinity) Boat Club. I loved it. Graphically it is very strong, with the bold serifed font in yellow very neatly executed, and standing out brilliantly against the navy blue. It always meant a lot to me too, as I feel that when I come to Cambridge I am back where I belong, especially if I'm on a narrowboat!

But this year, someone has painted over it inexpertly in red (so maybe LMBC (Johns') or Jesus are resposible, but who knows) and this has saddened me greatly. It looks awful now.

Photo courtesy of Ed Brambley:

Blummin heck, 3 posts in a day, this has to be some sort of record!

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