Saturday, 14 June 2008


For the first time ever, I was actually on the towpath for the last day of May Bumps this year. It was pretty chaotic, but good fun to see it all happening finally. For those who don't know, Bumps racing is a type of rowing race almost exclusive to Oxbridge rowing. Basically, all the crews line up along the bank at regular intervals, are pushed out into the stream with long poles, and then all set off together. You then have to catch up with and 'bump' the boat in front. Literally. And before the boat behing catches up with you. Crazy? Yes. Dangerous? Occasionally. Fun? Of course! Its a pretty big event, and absolutely foolish to be on the towpath (or indeed the river, if you are a boater) while the racing takes place. (big)James and I coincided to watch my James row in Clare's M3 boat. They were bumped fairly quickly by Wolfson College, but rowed pretty well,so James said. He's normally a cox so it was quite a change to see him at 7 (thats 2 away from the cox, behind stroke). Met loads of people along the towpath on the way back and managed to avoid sunburn, so it was quite a successful day for me! Maybe I'll be rowing myself next year (in Town bumps of course).

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  1. more accurately I said that James and their stroke man rowed well, 5 & 6 were rubbish.....