Sunday, 22 June 2008

James' First Narrowboat

My James went back to his dad's house in Bracknell to sort out some of his possessions and came across a couple of photos documenting his first ever narrowboating experience, aged about 2. He was a cute little blonde baby boy. He's not sure where the photos were taken, perhaps on the Kennet and Avon. The boat is certainly a hireboat. Perhaps James' family can shed some light on the matter! (click for a bigger image)


  1. James went with his Mum and Dad with some friend from Bagshot in Surrey the boat was hired from Hilmorton, the kennet and Avon was not open at that time.

  2. James was 16/17 months old when we went on this holiday. A week on a narrowboat with Sue, Phil, Steven and Martyn Rush.
    WE travelled a fair distance taking in the Canal Museum at Stoke Bruene (where Martyn lost his glasses in the canal as the lock was emptying), the Blissworth Tunnel (James quite liked it in the dark - strange child)getting as far as Milton Keynes before returning to the boatyard (which I though was Braunston though I may be remembering another canal trip).
    James beat me to finding the picture!

  3. Thanks, Ken and Pat. So happy that everyone's reading my blog! See you on Thursday, Pat!

  4. That looks to me a bit like just above the top lock at Watford