Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Birmingham in 3 days!

The contract from the surveyor has arrived, our tickets back on Sunday are booked, and James' possessions are starting to arrive in my room prior to vacating his Cambridge room. Not long now! I am so looking forward to seeing the Duck again, and even more to staying there for two nights. Now, just to perfect the art of blacking...

Trawling for tips online, I found an interesting series of photographs documenting The Antidote's blacking: (great name) but no real bank of advice. Canalworld forums of course has provided several threads on the matter, but there's a lot to look through to find whats relevant. Providing we use the right type depending on whether its already got bitumenous black or not, and put enough coats on, I'm sure we'll be fine... (eep!) All advice welcome!


  1. nice blog amy hope all goes well drew


  2. ps i will link to you on my blog
    the address is as above

  3. Hello, I saw your comment about the Antidote. You may be interested to know that it has new owner and they stay in the same marina as I do at Heyford Fields and are CanalWorld Forum members. Im not sure what the etiquette is about giving their details out though.