Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Normal for Norfolk - 1

At the weekend, James and I had a brilliant time in North Norfolk, staying in a little holiday apartment, and going to the seaside. 

The place we stayed was a real find: I booked it though Late Rooms, and it was just £35 for the night. 
We arrived by train, to Sheringham, where we had a little walk down to the seaside, and had some delicious locally made ice-cream. I had an unusual but lovely damson flavoured waffle cone, and James had double chocolate in a chocolate cone. Then it was time to walk back to the station, where we were to catch a steam train for the next leg of our journey!

The train ride was brilliant. It was a Tornado, with some 1950s carriages. We had a compartment to ourselves, and there were such amazing views!

The train took us to the little town of Holt, and from there, according to the map I'd printed out from Late Rooms, it was a short walk to the apartment. How wrong I was! For some reason, the map given was incorrect, by about about 4 miles! The actual written description put it somewhere else. We had already realised this by the time we arrived in Holt, and were resigned to a longer walk. Fortunately it was sunny, although it was quite hot! We set off, walking along country roads which were well-travelled by large 4x4s and cars going quite rapidly. We would have made it eventually, but thankfully a couple in a big shiny Land Rover stopped and offered us a lift. They were really friendly and took us all the way to the apartment, saving us a lot of walking!

The apartment itself was impressive. A beautiful converted stable block with traditional knapped flint walls, it had large windows and a quiet courtyard. Inside were two bedrooms, a large sitting room and a bathroom, all nicely decorated and clean. Outside was a fig tree, with some ripe figs, as well as and some brambles dripping with huge sweet blackberries. We had considered going for a walk to the seaside (a mile or so away) that afternoon but with the heat and the stress of finding the place, we just relaxed for the rest of the day. In the evening, we enjoyed watching the Paralympic Closing Ceremony. 

That's enough photos for one day! More about our trip to the seaside tomorrow.

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  1. How wonderful! It reminds me of when I was there a couple of years ago. The apartment looks fab too!

  2. May I recommend BBC1 iplayer and that you watch 'Who Do you think
    ' Hugh Dennis about one of his grandas?