Thursday, 13 September 2012

Normal for Norfolk - 2

On our second day in Norfolk, we planned a trip to Cromer, but first we had to get the bus to Holt. This little rural ervice proved somewhat tricky to catch, because although the bus stop was just outside where we were staying, the map was wrong - there was a stop on each side of the road, but the signs told us to wait on the wrong side, so the bus sailed past us, exactly on time, going in the opposite direction to what we expected! The next was was not for an hour and a half, so we were more than a little annoyed, especially after the map showed the apartment to be in the wrong place yesterday too! But, we still had the apartment for another hour so we headed there for a bit before catching the slightly later bus, which was also exactly on time.

The rickety bus took us on a scenic tour of the coast and back inland to Holt. We stopped in Holt for a while, had tea and cake in a teashop. Holt is quite a well-to-do town, with gentlemen's outfitters, lots of tweed and shooting attire, and expensive women's clothes shops. However, this meant that  and a look around the many lovely charity shops was quite fruitful, as they were filled with good quality clothes from the likes of Boden, Kurt Geiger and Hobbs. I had to stop myself buying up lots of nice things, and just came away with a pretty Hobbs skirt for £5.

Next stop, Cromer. We took another bus to the little seaside town, where we enjoyed fish and chips on the beach, and a walk around the town.

We saw a little sign advertising visits to the top of the church tower for £1.50, so we headed up to the top. The views were incredible!

Finally, we walked to the end of the pier we could see from the top of the tower, to see the lifeboat station there.

All in all, a great trip, we will definitely be back!

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  1. What a lovely trip(except for the map thing, of course)! I always enjoy your blog, but I REALLY enjoy your trips and the accompanying photos. Thank you!

  2. North Norfolk is one of our favourite places to visit, next time you visit try some of the other treats this beautiful part of Norfolk can offer, like the Seal colony at Blakeney point, Cookies crab shop in Salthouse for the most wonderful seafood salads at very reasonable prices, Cley-next-the-sea where there is a delightful Deli shop and also nearby a little Smokery for something different to eat, and of course the little village of Binham near Langham home of the 'Binham Blue Cheese'. (these are all within about a 5 mile radius of Langham)

    Keep up the blogs, I love reading them, and yes, I love my food!!

    Beardy Chas
    (friend of Graham and Jill, NB Matilda Rose)