Saturday, 28 May 2011

Off-Grid Baking 7: Proper Shortbread

Sarah of Chertsey commented on my post about the Duck shortbread I made about two weeks ago, saying that proper shortbread should be much simpler than the recipe I used. And now having tried it, I agree. To be honest I expect I should have known that shortbread should only really contain three ingredients, but having never actually made it before I was ignorant to the ways of shortbread baking. So I tried again, following Sarah's recipe:

6 oz plain flour
4 oz butter
2 oz caster sugar

that's it.
Roll out, cut out, 30 mins at mark 2

Egg is for cakes; it has no place in biscuits (Sarah's guide to life no. 4) 

I had a bit of a headstart when it came to combining the butter and sugar - the hot weather had made my butter so soft that it took about 10 seconds to cream them together! I added some chocolate chips I had left over from last time, used my new rolling pin to roll out, cut it into duck shapes and put it in the oven. James and I had eaten about 4 between us before they had a chance to cool! I have to say, proper shortbread is much better than the hybrid recipe I used last time. They are deliciously melt in the mouth crumbly. Yum.

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