Monday, 2 May 2011

And we're back!

Our brief blogging hiatus was due to our spending most of the long weekend out at our old mooring, as from Thursday onwards there has been another fair on the Common, prompting us to leave town and seek the quiet of the countryside. Out there,our signal is pretty rubbish, so I thought I'd wait until we were back in town to blog.  We did, however, come into Cambridge several times by bike, for rowing outings and to organise the Head of the Cam Race.

During the week our friends Simon and Ann came into Cambridge with their daughter Jess on their lovely narrowboat Melaleuca (it is Latin for tea tree apparently!). On Thursday, they headed out of town towards our old mooring where we promised to meet them on Friday afternoon after rowing. But we got fed up of the noisy fair and headed out on Thursday evening. On the way out, I finally managed to bake my Nutella cupcakes!

Aside from organising the race (of which more another day) most of the weekend we spent relaxing, flying the kite, playing with the cat, reading and catching up with friends. It was really lovely. We had planned a longer cruise out to Wicken Fen, but strong winds prevented us. Instead we stayed put - the moorings we were already on is actually lovely, so we just stayed and made the most of the sunshine!

Lyra on the roof of Melaleuca

James flying the kite he got for his birthday from his dad last year

The Duck is not used to having this many people on it!

Lyra fishing while I read!

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