Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy weekend, all!
Last night James and I went to see Avenue Q which is touring the UK and currently in Cambridge! For anyone who's not seen this fantastically hilarious show, it's a musical comedy using puppets telling the story of a English graduate trying to make his way in life, and living in Avenue Q with a bunch of eccentric characters. We saw it in London in 2008, but very much enjoyed seeing it again. We were very lucky, not only to get tickets (it was pretty much sold out) but also to find that our friends had also managed to get tickets for the same performance!

This week I discovered a lovely blog by Belle, whose husband blogs at Captain Ahab's Watery Tales:
Her blog I know a bank where the wild thyme grows documents her "attempts to forage along the Inland Waterways and hedgerows of my locality" So far she's made beech leaf liqueur, and dandelion marmalade! . It's a novel take on the standard boat blog and I'm looking forwards to seeing what she comes up with. My attempts at foraging have been limited so far to blackberries. Although this year I WILL make blackberry jam!

Another blog post that caught my eye this week was Sarah's photos of chimney chains at Ellesmere Port: so much variety, and I love the jaunty angles of her photographs! 

Also, apologies if you have noticed odd things going on with the blog these past days: it is the fault of Blogger who have been performing 'important maintenance', which has meant that no-one who uses Blogger has been able to post, formatting has gone out of the window and latest posts have disappeared. Hence this Happy Friday post became  Happy Weekend post!

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