Friday, 6 May 2011

Happy Friday

This four day week has seemed inordinately long after two long, long weekends in a row. But now the weekend is finally approaching. We are moored outside the Fort, as we have to move from the Common to make way for a side-by-side race on Sunday.

An old photo of where we are moored for the weekend
This week, I've been inspired to sort out our clutter by finding (and potentially making) nice boxes to store bits and bobs. Kath on Herbie has this one sorted, with her beautiful paper-cover boxes. I'd love to see a tutorial post on how you do this! 

This bacon and mushroom cream spaghetti recipe looks delicious. Hopefully I'll have a chance to make it tonight, as carb loading for tomorrow's race!

And finally some lovely photos: 
Sarah has put up some choice shots of Ellesmere Port.
and Artemis of Junkaholique visted Cambridge and has posted some beatiful shots of our little city.

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