Sunday, 22 May 2011

Non stop weekend

We had one of those weekend where there doesn't seem to be a moment to sit down (until now). Saturday morning was spent rowing and coxing (I did a bit of both), and then in the afternoon I headed into town for a delightful cream tea at Browns with a friend from university while James did even more coxing for his old college. When I got back from my cream tea, we both got on our bikes and cycled out to help our friends paint their living room. They used to live on nb Kestrel but have now moved to back to land as they have a baby due next month! We were well rewarded for our efforts with a lovely lasagne made by Emma, and got home at about 11pm! 

On Sunday morning we had a lie in because there was a race so didn't need to be out rowing until 10:45. I rowed the first division and James coxed two divisions and rowed the last one! The conditions were very difficult - a very strong head wind making rowing a major struggle. James was, however, runner up for the Champion Cox prize - for the best racing line around Ditton corner.

Sights rarely seen - James in the 3 seat!
This is where Lyra spent most of her weekend!
I'm writing this on my laptop at home (having just got back from yoga) thanks to a 12v laptop charger kindly given to me by Mike of Innocenti. Maplin never did respond. Later, we are off to the cinema to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean with some friends for a bit of escapism!

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  1. Love your blog! Best bit in Pirates of the Carribean for me was 'don't touch the book!' moment with the skeleton! Hope you enjoyed it. Keep posting!

  2. Please give our congratulations to the Kestrels, hope they enjoy their new adventures on land!