Wednesday, 1 September 2010

For Sale: 72ft River Class Narrowboat Lee

nb Lee

Some friends of ours who used to live on their boat Lee in Cambridge are now selling up to move abroad. Time is running out for them so I thought I'd help out by advertising the boat here. It's a full length converted working boat (one of the BW River Class boats, built in 1959), and is a lovely family home with some nice features like underfloor heating run from the stove and an oak and mahogany kitchen.

More details can be found at Apollo Duck and it is on for £45,000 ono (reduced from the price stated on Apollo Duck).


  1. I would have thought that it is one for you two, shame that they took off the engine - it was the last one left in original condition.


  2. Stop tempting me, dammit!

  3. It's a bargain at that price. It's a great boat.