Saturday, 11 September 2010

Storage Solutions

We have a clothes storage issue on The Duck. We always have done. We have a chest of drawers and a top entry wardrobe under the bed but there simply isn't the space for two peoples' clothes to all fit in the the same time. Even with the wardrobe and drawers full, some are always on the floor/on the chair/in the washing bag.

However, I think I may have found a partial solution. In Oxfam on Burleigh Street I found a lovely little chest of drawers for £10, and so reserved it and measured it up. Back home I measured the space between the top of the desk under the bed and the underside of the bed. The chest of drawers will fit perfectly on the desk under the bed if the legs are removed. And it will fit in through the side hatch.

I just love the little round handles.

Now the next step is to get it home Luckily Oxfam is only a 10 minute walk from the boat. and I think that if we strap the drawers closed, and secure the chest to the sack truck, we could probably wheel it home. Its all flat and the paths are smooth. I shall post the results of our endeavours soon.


  1. Hi, oh how I love a bargain! What a lovely find, I love charity shop finds, it always amazes me what things people give away, lucky for us bargain hunters, that they do!

  2. Why not revamp your bed like I did... I've got 9 drawers under mine and so has my Daughter. There's photo's on my website if you're interested. Mind you, I do have to 'hop up' into bed and when I get old I may well need a little ladder lol

  3. HI Amy

    Clothes storage is easy!

    Just have less clothes!

    WB Cinnamon Girl

  4. I lied but not on purpose.. I only have 6 drawers! eek.