Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Small Squeaky Furry Thing

The Humans didn't let me out for ages recently. The Nasty Noisy Beast inside Warm Home Place Boat growled all day, and outside, the world changed far too much. Sometimes there was wet on both sides, and once in the dark, I fell in, which was most aggrieving. I resigned myself to this life of lethargy, and just slept lots and got slowly fatter. Occasionally the Humans would take me out onto the roof when there was wet on both sides. I didn't like that at all! But then, all at once we were back near the Big Grass again. I could come and go, and walk in the tall grass, and stalk the White Hissy Flappy Things who live all the time in the wet. They let me stay out late, and I caught my first Small Squeaky Furry Thing. I was very excited and brought it in to show the Humans. Female Food Providing Human grabbed it (I thought she wanted it to herself, greedy!) and took it in her hands until it bit her and she dropped it. But she soon had it again by the tail and flung it out into the Big Grass (I don't know why she didn't eat it). They kept me in so I couldn't go back and get it, so I grumped all evening.


  1. I am so glad Lyra survived her holiday without serious mishap!

    As we have two cats ( yet to be introduced to our in build boat ) I always follow her boat travels with great interest!

  2. I'm sure Lyra has a name for you other than Humans. It might not be printable, but you've definitely got names.