Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Here Come the Girls!

The blog has been quiet for the past few days for a couple of reasons. First, our mobile broadband dongle is away at the menders, hopefully getting fixed or replaced.

Secondly, I spent the weekend with four of my very good friends from university, Priscilla, Yun, Rhianna and Hanne. Yun lives in Cambridge now, but the other three have travelled from London, Yorkshire and Holland. We have not all spent time together since Rhianna's wedding in 2008, so it was wonderful to catch up and just enjoy each others' company in the city where we spent three years as overworked Architecture students!

Yun, Pris, Me, Hanne, Rhianna

We managed to fit a lot into the weekend. On Friday night we went for a meal and then out dancing until late. Saturday, we went shopping and punting, then went to a performance of Twelfth Night at Robinson College in the evening, followed by more drinking and dancing, and a late night stop at Gardies for chips.

On Sunday, the girls all came over to the Duck. Hanne had not seen it before, so I was pleased to be able to finally show her round. Sadly, she had to leave for Holland pretty soon after arriving, but James and I took the other three cruising on the Duck up to the Plough at Fen Ditton. We had a delicious Sunday lunch there, and then cruised back into town. Thankfully, after a grey rainy morning, the afternoon was brilliantly sunny!

Mooring up at the Plough

We were all tired after the weekend's excesses, but still managed to fit in game of Settlers (which we used to play all the time at university) before bedtime. The girls were staying in a B&B not far from the boat, as I simply couldn't put them all up!

We said bye on Monday morning, all agreeing that we should not leave it as long before meeting up next time!


  1. Lily Allen's Grandma has been doing a bit of light reading as she cannot be arsed with architecture right now. We need to arrange the next big meet up! xxx

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