Saturday, 7 August 2010

Day Sixteen: Close Encounter of the Towed Kind

Wood End Lock - Penkridge

Trent and Mersey Canal, Staffs and Worcs Canal

21 miles, 7 locks

Today we awoke to a variety of crunches and scrapings as other boats passed; our mooring was shallow and rocky. We got underway quickly, but soon ended up behind another boat whose comfortable cruising speed was considerably less than our own. Nonetheless we slowed down and enjoyed the scenary, and the occasional challenging maneuver through narrow gaps and around blind bends with oncoming boats.

The slower boat pulled in for water at Spode Hall, and so we continued through Armitage, past the toilet factory, and after several lashing rain showers we made it to Great Haywood and the junction. Just before we got there, we met a blog reader, and although I didn't catch her name she was very friendly! We turned onto the Staffs and Worcs canal, and were soon in Tixall wide. I did a figure of eight in it for fun, and then we headed off through Tixall itself.

The next exciting encounter was meeting Sickle, towing the butty Cedar, owned by Matt Parrott, aa fellow member of the Young Working Boater's Society. Of course we met in a blind bridgehole, so I quickly reversed out letting him through. A few laughs and some mickey-taking later, we each headed off.

Finally we came to Penkridge, and have decided to stop here for dinner. There's no signal on the dongle, so I've written this on Amy's phone instead- the fiddly keyboard may well have led to some spelling mistakes!

The plan for tomorrow is The Big Push, onwards into Birmingham itself.

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  1. I never think about Staffordshire having a big canal network, but of course all the industry needed it - I should probably know more about my local area! Glad you're enjoying your tour of the Midlands :D