Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day Twenty-Six: Descent of the Nene


River Nene

22 miles, 12 locks

An uneventful day, continuing down the Nene towards Peterborough. We started from the lovely but awkwardly positioned moorings in Islip/Thrapston. They are right next to thee medieval pack horse bridge but down a side cut. The Duck's manoeuverability made it easy to get out in the morning however.

We only shared the last four of the twelve locks today, with a family of nine on a little well kept Springer. They had shared the past locks with a cruiser, the crew of which hadn't lifted a finger to help work the locks! They were pleased that we shared the work. They left us to moor up at their caravan near Yarwell, and we carried on to Wansford, where we stopped at the new EA pontoon near the Nene Valley Railway (see photo above). Its a lovely spot, and we have only found space because only 3/4 of the boat is on the pontoon. But we moored up like this when we stopped here on the way up and there's not too much flow on the river at the moment.

Peterborough and Stanground tomorrow.

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