Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day Twenty-One: Rain, rain, go away!

Bradley Green - Hawkesbury Junction

Coventry Canal

12 miles, 11 locks

Well, today it rained. I didn't take any photos, as it was too miserable to be inspiring and I didn't want to get my camera too wet.

We ascended the Atherstone Locks in the morning, follwing a boat we'd first seen on the Soar. The crew are from Holland and were taking the boat back to the hire base South of Atherstone. They were very helpful: opening the paddles after they'd left the locks so that it sped thing up for us! The rain stopped as we reached the top, and we used the sani-station before mooring up in Atherstone itself.

Sarah and Jim had recommeded that we locate the pie shop in the town, and the thought of pies was what kept us going as we went up the locks in the drizzle! We soon found it, on the main street: a farm shop called 19 Gales. As well as pies they did local meat, eggs, fresh veg and cakes so we stocked up with groceries as well as pies. Although we're saving the pies til tomorrow as we had some chicken to eat up tonight, we can attest to the deliciousness of the sausage rolls and the fruit tarts!

The very moment we set off to continue on towards Hawkesbury Junction, the rain began bucketing it down, so we took turns steering trad style, with wide-brimmed hat, waterproof, slide pulled nearly closed and back doors shut. Lyra had the best deal, snuggled up asleep inside!

Through Nuneaton and Bedworth things didn't improve but we had resolved to carry on to Hawkesbury whatever. We're now moored just short of the junction and are about to tuck into a cosy pasta bake.

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