Monday, 2 November 2009

A Terrible Blow

Yesterday was quite a long day hence the lack of blog!

We awoke with the dawn again, and got up ready for the 7:30 tide out of Salters Lode. The tidal passage went smoothly, so we were through Denver by 8, and onto the last leg of our journey. Unfortunately the weather was abysmal! A strong headwind plus driving rain made standing at the tiller somewhat uncomfortable. We wrapped up warm, with several hats each, as well as raincoats and cap to keep the rain out of our eyes and took turns at the tiller. The readjusted rudder/tiller gear made the actual steering a lot easier though, which was fortunate since the wind made it very difficult to keep a good line away from the banks. Many times we found ourselves crabbing along (moving along at an angle) but I think we both enjoyed the challenge that the wind brought to the otherwise tedious stretch of river betwen Denver and Ely.

Once we reached Ely we decided to moor up and go in search of the CHIPS which had eluded us the day before in Upwell. We headed to Alan's Fish Bar, where we found the aforementioned CHIPS as well as a Saveloy for James and a battered slice of Rock Eel for me. It was very tasty and much welcome.

Back on the Duck, and full of CHIPS, we started up the engine and set off for the final leg, back to the mooring. The wind did not let up, but the skies cleared and we found ourselves needing sunglasses to steer! Once home, we tidied up a bit, said hello to the only resident who was about (Tom Kitten) before heading into Cambridge to pick up our much-missed Lyracat. She has been enjoying a holiday on dry land, and was as sad to leave her new friends as they were to see her go! Again she hated the taxi ride home but soon settled in. We had a nice evening catching up with the neighbours before an early night.

Not a happy Lyra

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