Thursday, 5 November 2009

Because we CAN!

Yesterday evening, we embarked upon what was probably our first care-free cruise, undertaken simply because we wanted to do it!

We cruised into Cambridge as dusk fell, and moored up outside the Fort St George, next to Pippin, who is also in town.

Waking to the splash-thump of rowing boats in the morning, oh! how we've missed it! (you can't see it in this photo, but there's another VIII between the City IV and Pippin!)

The purpose of our visit: to see the annual firework display on Midsummer Common. All narrowboats have to move from the part of the river edging theCommon, and so for one night only, breasting up is allowed tolerated. We and the Pippins are taking advantage of this, to moor next to Kestrel and Innocenti respectively. There will be a party on the boats/towpath and we will be watching the fireworks from the roofs of the boats!

In other news, James has an interview for the Cambridge Secondary History PGCE next week. Fingers crossed it goes well.


  1. I would say breasting up is "tolerated" rather than allowed, not that there is anywhere else to go. looking forward to party tonight, its nice that the Council put on a display in our garden....

  2. hope the pets enjoy it as well.have fun.

  3. What's so bad about breasting up anyway?