Monday, 16 November 2009

Dr Who Cruise

Last night there was a special episode of Dr Who on TV. Exciting stuff,a nd important not to miss. The Kestrels also wanted to watch it (like us they are big Dr Who fans) but they don't have an aerial for their TV. So they called and asked, could we detatch ours and bring it in? But of course, we said, although at the time we were not on the boat so couldn't check if it was easily detatchable. We got home, and realised that it was not going to be simple to take it off. So, the obvious thing to do was to bring the aerial in to Cambridge while still attached to the boat! With our lovely new cooling system and prop shaft, this was not an issue. So in we came, arriving just after dark. Lyra is getting better and better at coping with the engine's movement and noise, party because due to a fuse blowing in our charger, we've had to charge the batteries with the engine a bit recently. She even ate her dinner while we were on the move, which is unknown for her, and sat on my lap while I waited for the kettle to boil. The Kestrels brought their TV over (its larger than ours) we plugged it into the signal booster, and so we had everything we needed.

The episode was great fun, clever and a little bit scary. We're looking forward to the Christmas one already!

After Dr Who we retired to Kestrel to play a couple of games of Settlers, and drink Horlicks. Mmm.


  1. Horlicks? Are you getting old?

  2. James and I have been middle-aged since we were about 18... Not sure about J&E, but it was Emma's Horlicks!