Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Home again

Lyra enjoying being let out for a bit in Jubilee Gardens, by the Jesus Lock visitor moorings, just before we set off for home.

We stayed in town until Saturday afternoon in the end. I was particularly glad of this, as I had to meet at the boathouse at 7:15 for a race on Saturday morning. And then another one at 10:15... So by the time we were ready to set off I was quite knackered, and let James do most of the work! The race was still going on when we left (there were five divisions planned!) and we had hoped that they would let us through between divisions. We had arrived in plenty of time to follow the rowing boats up past the start to Baits Bite Lock, but the race organisers weren't having any of it (despite letting a boat through in the opposite direction). But we made the most of the wait to head to Tescos, so all was not lost. However, having to wait til all the racing was finished meant that we arrived home in the dark and the rain.

After lighting the fire, we went over to see the Pippins, and the boys cooked a nice dinner of chicken and rice, and we caught up with each other's news. It was a most enjoyable evening.

Unfortunately, despite being home, and there being a stiff wind still blowing, we can't yet use our wind generator. The engineer who RCR contracted to sort out our electrical problems disconnected the batteries from the regulator without stopping the turbine from spinning. Result: fried regulator, which has now been sent back to Marlec for repair. The foolish engineer will be getting a bill for the cost. Grr.

In happier news, we are going to Thrupp next weekend for a jolly boaters get together (organised by Bones) with several of the bloggers and contributers to CWDF. We are looking forwards to seeing old friends, and hopefully to making some new ones!


  1. Greetings, Amy & James, from France. Have so enjoyed my visit. Considered living afloat a few years back, and decided against. Still a bit wistful at times! Good luck to you both - and hope you have a great w/e at Thrupp (and that James gets his PGCE place).

  2. And what a good get together it was! :D