Thursday, 19 November 2009

Blowing a Hoolie!

Having arrived in Cambridge on Sunday night to watch Dr Who, and moved to the other visitor moorings on Tuesday night, we were planning to move back home last night. But the winds were so strong that we felt trying to navigate would be somewhat foolhardy. James called up the Conservators to ask for advice and they said that they were happy to let us stay and wait for the winds to die down.

It looks pretty tranquil in this photo, but it is quite sheltered here, compared to elsewhere!

So, here we are, still, next to the Georgina, enjoying the pleasures of being moored up in town. We do miss home a bit though, and Lyra is itching for a proper run about. I have let her out, but the novelty of the location is a bit much for her, and she tends to just sit there next to the boat, ears and eyes everywhere, watching and listening, and generally looking a bit overwhelmed by it all!

James' lovely new wiring (not completely finished - the battery - positive busbar and battery - negative busbar leads need to be replaced with a thicker one like the short thick cable). He has been working on it in bits and pieces since March, but his PGCE interview got in the way a little bit so he only finished it very recently)

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  1. Oh, and all the busbars require covers, which are currently on order.