Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Summer Cruise Plan 2011

In order to distract myself from our next Bumps race tonight I've been looking at planning out our trip in a little more detail. Obviously this is all very much subject to change - especially the exact location of our overnight stops - but it's a realistic possible permutation of how things could plan out. The Nene and Middle Level parts are based on what I know we can do in a day and the GU parts based on CanalPlanAC which is generally pretty pessimistic about how long things will take so we'll probably make better time, but it's good to be conservative when planning things. What we actually do when we get to London will depend on who we meet up with and where. When we get back to East Anglia, we're leaving the Duck at the Little Ouse Moorings marina to get it blacked, and heading off to Devon to stay with my family while that goes on. Lyra is booked in to the cat shelter she usually stays at for the duration.

This is where we are going (click to enlarge):

and this is where we will (roughly) be when:

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  1. Why stop at Mile End, I personally would go on to Limehouse then the tidal Thames to Brentford. The thames through Central London is a trip not to me missed. Tim

  2. ooh, you'll be visiting my hometown Rushden. My friend often canoes from/to Stanwick Lakes, its lovely there.

  3. At Mile End visit the Museum of Childhood and Victoria Park. But crikey - you are going very fast for narrowboaters!